July 27, 2010

Light your Home

Who won't love a spacious home interior with an eye soothing light work? Every mind yearns for such a beauty. After a day's work, when tired souls return homewards, even a distant look of their well lit house is enough to revitalize them. Such a house is indeed a pride for the owner and envy for others.

With the tremendous progress in the field of home furnishings and home designing, you now have thousands of beautiful options at your disposal to make your abode a fountain of light. Let your every room bathe in a different light.

Accent Lighting:
This type is especially used to highlight an architectural feature or an object. Decide your focus. A bulb and a shield are what you need for accent lighting. Table lamps in opaque shades and halogen spotlights are used for this purpose.

Ambient Lighting:
This source of light literally bathes the entire room in beauty. It doesn’t create too many shadows and tends to flatten the space of the interior. Wall scones are a sub type of ambient lighting. Walls that need lighting can be adorned with wall scones. Bathrooms and narrow hallways of houses are the best places for wall scones. Japanese paper lanterns, too, are used in ambient lighting.

Task Lighting:
This type is also known as practical lighting. Your daily activities like reading, sewing and cooking need a special light arrangement and task lighting serves this purpose quite well. Even eye-specialists recommend this type of lighting to avoid eye strain. Accent lighting and task lighting make a beautiful combination for your home decor and please every eye.

Drop Lights / Pendants:
This type is particularly used to highlight kitchen furniture or dining room furniture. You get various varieties of droplights in different styles. Different colors of glass shades are the current favorites. Some designers use pendant lights in wardrobe designing as well.

Natural / Kinetic Light:
Use of sunlight in home light design is inevitable. It is also known as kinetic lighting as the outside light peeps inside. Different light effects can be created using different positions of the sun.

So go on choose wisely and light up your life.