October 18, 2010

Come Gather at Our Table

Dining room is the area in your house which can add festivity to any special occasion in the house if decorated properly. In order to make a unique personality of your dining room, you should focus on its aspects such as wall decor and structural pieces.

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Check here some decorating ideas for dining room:

  • Simple decorations for the dining room will make your experience a pleasurable one. Avoid too much of clutter with furniture sets for dining room, it would only represent your large dining room as a small one.

  • For the flooring in the dining room, you have to consider the durability of the flooring in damp conditions. The best alternatives recommended for a dining room are natural stone flooring, marble flooring, vinyl flooring, and laminate flooring.

  • You can use fabrics such as table cloths, napkins, or seat covers which would add color to your dining room.

  • You can also opt for centerpieces that are traditional and modern. You can opt for any of these as per your preferences. For example : candles and flowers are the traditional variety whereas twisted branches in a vase are the modern varieties of centerpieces.

  • You can either opt for wall papers or paint your dining room with deep colors such as burgundy. Opt for colors other than white for your dining room.

  • For lighting, you can opt for paper lanterns or pendant lighting, candle sticks, or chandelier to provide an elegant look for the dining room

  • If your dining room is a small one, then include a buffet hutch to your room. This buffet hutch would be to store your table cloths, kitchen napkins, and other materials in place. It would avoid too much clutter of things in your dining room.

  • If your house has living–dining room furniture, then you can surely opt for dual function furniture. It will save your money.

After all home decor is a reflection of people living in that home, be creative and imaginative and make your dining room a place for happy family gatherings.