February 24, 2011

Green Kitchen

Thinking eco-friendly and going green in your kitchen is not only beneficial to the environment but it also benefits your pocket. Use these tips to go green in your kitchen and save a lot of your hard earned money.

Natural lighting
Most of the home decor tips suggest different styles of lighting to give the desired effects in your home. Sensuous lighting in the bedroom, cozy lights in the living room or may be an elegant look, bright lights in the study etc. However, the most comfortable and effective is the natural light. Try to make optimum use of it and let the natural lighting enter your home, especially in the kitchen, as much as possible; this is healthy, cost effective as well as eco friendly.

Design it greenly
If you are planning to design the kitchen then you have endless ideas to keep the kitchen eco friendly, as the trend goes these days.

Opt for used material
If you know any shop which provides tiles and stone slabs from some previous projects and they seem to be in good usable condition then go in for them; it will utilize the material which would have otherwise just got wasted and also it will cost much less.

Use recycled material
Paper, glass, hemp, and aluminum are a few that materials which meet reduce, reuse, and recycle standards. These materials can be ideal for the kitchen counter tops or any other tiling needs.

Cutting edge cupboards
Kitchen design furniture makes a big difference in the feel of the house. Avoid going for the conventional cupboards made of formaldehyde which is a harmful material, instead go for wheat board or solid wood; these things are typically burned up as waste but can be a perfect substitute to the particle board.

Recycling the waste products as much as possible, collecting the compost are some more tips to go green in your kitchen.

February 01, 2011

Kitchen Ideas

Guess what? I have found these amazing kitchen designs that I think are perfect for any home maker who wants space, style, perfect decor for her kitchen.

Go through them and you will find something for your kitchen..

kitchen ideas
you can have a island kitchen if you have a little large space. Check out this other kitchen island design, its spacious and clutter-free.

kitchen island
But if you have a smaller space u-shaped kitchen design will be ideal for you

u-shaped kitchen

Well of course, large spaces can have any arrangement of kitchen cabinets.

Cook and Eat with your family:

dining table design

kitchen table

Experiment with colors :

L-line kitchen design

kitchen island design

kitchen cabinets