June 22, 2011

Bathroom Taps

Feast for your eyes: These are some bathroom taps you would just say WOW

bath taps
Bronze Look for the Tap

Bathroom Basin Taps

Bathroom Basin Taps

Tap For your Bath tub

bath tub tap

Blue Tap or Blue Water?

mixer bathroom tap

Designer Taps that add to the beauty of your bathroom

designer taps
And Luxury at its best!!!

luxury tap

May 03, 2011

Make Kids Bedroom Look Stylish

There are many kids bedroom ideas that are fashionable, unique and stylish too. Designers have turned creative and are experimenting with furniture designs for the kids bedroom. You can find tent beds, storage beds, canopy beds, children bunk beds, trundle beds, loft beds for kids. The most important aspect to consider while searching for the perfect bedroom decor is to know what kind of child you are buying it for; if the kid is male or female or young or teenage. What is the kid's favorite color, hobbies? The answer to these questions will give you the right direction to create a fabulous room for your child.

Stylish bedroom for kids:

Most of the kid's rooms have twin beds and this gives you many options in this style. For the little girls a canopy twin bed is just perfect. It is a classic girl's favorite.

A brass canopy bed or iron canopy bed is a good choice of bedroom furniture. A trundle bed is a good option for your child, because when your child has a friend to stay over it is convenient to pull out the trundle and give the child some place to sleep. Children's furniture has to be durable and should withstand the rough playing the children may indulge in and should also serve the purpose of keeping the room clean, neat and give them space to play, sit and sleep comfortably.

Children have ever growing minds and they learn faster than we can even imagine. Thus, it is a good idea to style and decorate your child's room to inspire him / her creativity. You need to put in more of your mind and thought in decorating your kid's bedroom than your home decor. Make sure that your kid's room is safe, beautiful and bright to encourage his creativity and keep him/ her excited.

While buying the bedroom furniture with a particular theme like butterflies, sea kingdom, stars and background of the sky, etc. Trundle gives a playful look to the room. So if you decide to shop for kid's bedroom furniture look for furnishings that add brightness to the room and appear interesting.

April 26, 2011

Sliding Door Wardrobes-Use and Decorative Appeal

When your room is compact and you crave to have more space for your clothes because you have absolutely no space in your closet, you should consider a sliding door wardrobe. This is very simple and an adaptable option to make your room look larger. The designer wardrobe needs to be such that it should be aesthetically beautiful and should be spacious too.

Mirror Sliding Doors:

Mirror sliding doors are my favorite option. They are very calm and enhance your mood. They make the bedroom brighter and bigger. While the flip side is that you will end up constantly cleaning the small snub marks and sticky finger marks on the door. But, there can be nothing as gratifying as polishing the mirror wardrobe door and brightening up the bedroom.

There are different mirror doorways found in distinct forms. Frosted mirror is excellent and the bronze mirror offers an illusion of a nice tan. Combine wardrobe with colored glass, like cool blues, fresh green, exciting reds, implies that the wardrobe design and style choices can be experimental. You can let your imagination and creativity go wild.

Wood effects give an ethnic feel, cherry brown mixed with mirror panels look amazing, and also reflect light while they retain depth and warmth.

Right Wood:

wooden sliding doors for wardrobe

The entire look that you wish to create depends a great deal upon the kind of wood that you install in your bedroom. Well, oak has a different feel as compared to lighter timber like maple and walnut. You can have wooden door that looks rustic or you can use completely differently designed door that looks like an external door and not designed for your bedroom.

What type of door would you choose then for your wardrobe to match your home furniture?


sliding door wardrobe

If you have glass sliding door then the internal wardrobe is always on display and if the glass is tinted you can still see the things inside. They are the boldest statement in contemporary bedrooms.


These mirror doors have great utility value. You can gauge yourself and at the same time they make your bedroom larger due to the optical illusion.


Creative Wardrobe Design

Let the entry of your closet be a creative piece of art. Frosted or translucent glass generates reflective qualities and gives a refined finish. The door can also be of PVC/Vinyl or made of wood.

You can also choose a door with mural, themes, shapes etc or you can paint a small design to match the curtains and bedroom furniture.

Wood delight:

If you choose wood varieties, it is wise to be away from basic wood door unless it is of a rich and striking material or if you decide to paint it.

April 14, 2011

Kitchen Tiles Ideas

Copper, hardwood, glass and stainless steel what is strikingly common about all of these? It is sure hard to guess. They represent tile trends for kitchens and baths. Designers have introduced these vibrant new tiles and when you have them in your kitchen they sure do the talking for your kitchen. We do a lot of research when we settle for the home interior. Kitchen furniture has to be lively and pleasant too at the same time, as when you enter the kitchen it should motivate you to keep coming there more often.

Glass Tiles:

glass kitchen tiles
Glass accent tiles are used for kitchen backsplashes, as accents on floors, shower walls. They sparkle up the kitchen, add depth and luminescence, which is missing in natural stone or ceramics.

Metal Tiles:

metal kitchen tiles
Metal matches with the stainless steel appliances. Small metal wall tiles allow you to create different designs. The most common application of wall tile of metal is the kitchen backsplash. For a stylish, contemporary and polished look you can choose stainless steel in different finishes ranging from brushed to satin. Copper, bronze tile adds beauty to the kitchen with a tinge of traditional style.

Hardwood Flooring:

wooden kitchen floor
We all just love hardwood flooring, but most of the interior decorators and contractors say that there is no place for it in a moist bathroom. So, what is the alternative, faux them on porcelain tiles.

Picture frame:

For a finished look in the kitchen or bath removing an existing window wood casing and replacing with a tile looks real. This is picture framing. A natural ceramic border or a natural stone give depth and a realistic look. You can incorporate it with the other tiles in the room.

April 07, 2011

How to Decorate in Front of Your Couch

living room idea

My home has always had a coffee table, it has been the place we all jam together, chat and talk about music, books and of course finance for the month. Living room furniture generally has a couch and teapoy and occupies most of the space. When you sit on the couch you would want to keep so many things like magazines, drinks, pen, may be a diary or book. There are so many options to be kept in front of the sofa that serves as a storage space and as a decorative piece. These are some options that will help you decorate in front of your couch and make your home interior useful and stylish.

Coffee table:

This is the first choice for most of us. They are available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, height in metal, glass, natural wood finishes. A coffee table needs to be in proportion to the size of the room and the couch in front of which you want to keep it. You cannot cramp a large, heavy table in a small room.

Pair of tiny tables:

sofa table

Two tiny tables, can be placed side by side, this will give a formal look as opposed to the modern coffee table. Surely, a matched pair looks good, but mismatched set of tables can be used of the same height with matching tops. A pair of antique tables will look perfectly elegant.

You can also place a cottage style, rustic wooden bench, or an old antique dining table.

March 09, 2011

Living Room Interior

When you start to create a living room of your dreams you might stare at it blankly and think "I don't even know where to start". Here are some ideas you can use:

Show It Off Or Space It All:

When you enter some living rooms they are staged with carefully selected accessories. This is a showpiece living room; it vouches for style rather than comfort.

In some homes the living room is designed to be a meeting place for family and friends. The living room has comfortable and stylish furniture so that people stay there for a while.

living room decor
Paint The Palate:

The living room can be lively with various colors, blended well, such as turquoise, cream, sage, brown. This is where you start designing your room. Now think about how you use this color. You can have walls to be neutral with bold colored living room furniture and decorations or vice versa

living room color
Storyboard Your Living Room:

While directors plan a movie they create a story board to visualize the film. This technique can be used to design your living room. Click photos of furniture, collect samples of fabric, collect paint chips and then arrange them on a poster board to visualize your idea.

living room curtains
Guide Through Books:

There is a lot of guidance you can get through magazines and library books. It is a wealth of living room design ideas. You will get different books based on different styles like the Victorian, classic and modern.

living room design
Observe and stay inspired as you plan to design your dream living room.

February 24, 2011

Green Kitchen

Thinking eco-friendly and going green in your kitchen is not only beneficial to the environment but it also benefits your pocket. Use these tips to go green in your kitchen and save a lot of your hard earned money.

Natural lighting
Most of the home decor tips suggest different styles of lighting to give the desired effects in your home. Sensuous lighting in the bedroom, cozy lights in the living room or may be an elegant look, bright lights in the study etc. However, the most comfortable and effective is the natural light. Try to make optimum use of it and let the natural lighting enter your home, especially in the kitchen, as much as possible; this is healthy, cost effective as well as eco friendly.

Design it greenly
If you are planning to design the kitchen then you have endless ideas to keep the kitchen eco friendly, as the trend goes these days.

Opt for used material
If you know any shop which provides tiles and stone slabs from some previous projects and they seem to be in good usable condition then go in for them; it will utilize the material which would have otherwise just got wasted and also it will cost much less.

Use recycled material
Paper, glass, hemp, and aluminum are a few that materials which meet reduce, reuse, and recycle standards. These materials can be ideal for the kitchen counter tops or any other tiling needs.

Cutting edge cupboards
Kitchen design furniture makes a big difference in the feel of the house. Avoid going for the conventional cupboards made of formaldehyde which is a harmful material, instead go for wheat board or solid wood; these things are typically burned up as waste but can be a perfect substitute to the particle board.

Recycling the waste products as much as possible, collecting the compost are some more tips to go green in your kitchen.

February 01, 2011

Kitchen Ideas

Guess what? I have found these amazing kitchen designs that I think are perfect for any home maker who wants space, style, perfect decor for her kitchen.

Go through them and you will find something for your kitchen..

kitchen ideas
you can have a island kitchen if you have a little large space. Check out this other kitchen island design, its spacious and clutter-free.

kitchen island
But if you have a smaller space u-shaped kitchen design will be ideal for you

u-shaped kitchen

Well of course, large spaces can have any arrangement of kitchen cabinets.

Cook and Eat with your family:

dining table design

kitchen table

Experiment with colors :

L-line kitchen design

kitchen island design

kitchen cabinets