March 09, 2011

Living Room Interior

When you start to create a living room of your dreams you might stare at it blankly and think "I don't even know where to start". Here are some ideas you can use:

Show It Off Or Space It All:

When you enter some living rooms they are staged with carefully selected accessories. This is a showpiece living room; it vouches for style rather than comfort.

In some homes the living room is designed to be a meeting place for family and friends. The living room has comfortable and stylish furniture so that people stay there for a while.

living room decor
Paint The Palate:

The living room can be lively with various colors, blended well, such as turquoise, cream, sage, brown. This is where you start designing your room. Now think about how you use this color. You can have walls to be neutral with bold colored living room furniture and decorations or vice versa

living room color
Storyboard Your Living Room:

While directors plan a movie they create a story board to visualize the film. This technique can be used to design your living room. Click photos of furniture, collect samples of fabric, collect paint chips and then arrange them on a poster board to visualize your idea.

living room curtains
Guide Through Books:

There is a lot of guidance you can get through magazines and library books. It is a wealth of living room design ideas. You will get different books based on different styles like the Victorian, classic and modern.

living room design
Observe and stay inspired as you plan to design your dream living room.