April 07, 2011

How to Decorate in Front of Your Couch

living room idea

My home has always had a coffee table, it has been the place we all jam together, chat and talk about music, books and of course finance for the month. Living room furniture generally has a couch and teapoy and occupies most of the space. When you sit on the couch you would want to keep so many things like magazines, drinks, pen, may be a diary or book. There are so many options to be kept in front of the sofa that serves as a storage space and as a decorative piece. These are some options that will help you decorate in front of your couch and make your home interior useful and stylish.

Coffee table:

This is the first choice for most of us. They are available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, height in metal, glass, natural wood finishes. A coffee table needs to be in proportion to the size of the room and the couch in front of which you want to keep it. You cannot cramp a large, heavy table in a small room.

Pair of tiny tables:

sofa table

Two tiny tables, can be placed side by side, this will give a formal look as opposed to the modern coffee table. Surely, a matched pair looks good, but mismatched set of tables can be used of the same height with matching tops. A pair of antique tables will look perfectly elegant.

You can also place a cottage style, rustic wooden bench, or an old antique dining table.

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