August 22, 2010

Kitchen Cabinets Arrangement

Various arrangements of kitchen furniture give it's user the freedom to design the kitchen to suit his/her choice and personality. The design, style and furnishing reflect on the person using it. Every individual wants their kitchen to look trendy and at the same time be comfortable to work in.

In the olden days, a kitchen was equipped with just a stove, sink with running water, refrigerator, and some cabinets. The purpose was cooking and food preparation, easily solved by above equipments. In the modern world, appliances like mixer, microwave, dishwasher, toaster, modular gas stove etc are all necessary part of the modern L shaped kitchen furniture with cabinet. It is not just a place for preparing food but a place for family, friends, freedom, and fun.

Space, shape, and cost sometimes make it difficult to plan a dream-kitchen. Let us look at some of the ways in which kitchen furniture could be arranged to best suit your needs:

Linear Kitchen

When your kitchen is small, or when you want extra floor space, single line kitchen works well. Though there is less cabinet area, you can always increase it vertically with the help of suspended units. This gives you more space for movement.

Horse-shoe Arrangement

This three-sided arrangement is best suited when you need more cabinet space for your kitchen. You can furnish a U-shaped kitchen creatively, if you have a large kitchen space. Two people can efficiently work here without causing problem to the other.

Parallel (Railroad Arrangement)

If the kitchen is wide but not long, then a Galley (parallel) kitchen is what you need. It gives you enough space to place your appliances without making the kitchen look messy.

Corner Arrangement

If you have an open kitchen, then a corner arrangement would be ideal. This arrangement gives you enough space, and even two people can work together. The kitchen furniture can be at the corner opposite to dining area.

Peninsula and Island Kitchen

If you need additional cooking space, you can go in for an island or a peninsula kitchen. Either you can equip it with appliances or leave it empty for eating purposes. It gives the kitchen a modern look, and goes well with any basic arrangement.

Kitchen is the most important aspect when you are choosing designs for your furniture for your home. There are many more designs available than what are mentioned above, do tell me if you know them.


  1. Kitchen is the room, where a woman spend long hours, so I think this place is worth being stylish and beautiful.

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